Hello! I'm Kaisa Elisabeth Anne Crawford-Taylor (but you can call me Kaisa).

Fast Facts:

  • 3rd Year at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (Go Eagles!)
    • Graduating Dec. 2019 with a B.S. in Pure Mathematics, Computational Physics, and a Computer Science Minor
    • After I graduate, I am willing to relocate to pursue my passion for computational astrophysics
  • I've been doing undergraduate, astrophysics research since high school
    • See my research page for details on what I've done
    • I presented my research at the White House and met President Obama!
  • My hobbies are 3D modeling/animation, drawing, watercolor painting, and computer programming
    • Aesethics are my thing
  • I'm a hard worker with a strong work ethic
  • I speak German and will be in Frankfurt, Germany from 2 June 2019 - 20 August 2019

A Brief History of Me

  1. Born around 18 July 1998 in Wúzhōu (梧州市), GuangXi (广西壮族自治区), People's Republic of China
  2. Adopted by my loving mothers, Amber and Shannon. Later they adopted my brother and sister, Hirut and Messay, from Ethiopia, Africa.
  3. Grew up vegetarian and Tibetan Buddhist. When taking refuge I was given the name Karma WangMo (named after the first person in the United States to attempt and complete the 12 year retreat)
  4. Attended Happy Moment's preschool, Iddings Elementary School (1st-2nd grade), Jones. E. Salk Elementary School (3rd-4th grade), Forest Ridge Academy (5th-7th grade), Clifford Pierce Middle School (8th grade), East Junior High (9th grade), Lincoln High School (10th-12th grade), the University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point (12th grade), the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (undergraduate studies)
  5. Started freelancing on Upwork July 2018
  6. Created Kaisa Designs August 2018

Have any more questions about who I am? Want to get to know me better before we start working together? Feel free to contact me anytime! If you live in La Crosse, let's get coffee together. My favorite place is Jules.

Best, Kaisa