3D Animation

I have been 3D modeling for 7 years and have had many satisfied clients for my 3D renders. I use a combination of Blender and GIMP to bring your ideas to life. I use open source software because I believe in community collaboration.


Java, R Studio, Python, MatLab, Mathematica, IDL. I can fullfill your software design needs. I specialize in data mining and visualization.

Curious about what this animation is? See the research project here.


Watercolor and graphite portraits are my specialty. Acryllic and charcoal are also in my aresenal. Customized greeting cards, storybook illustrations, etc.

Who am I?

My name is Kaisa Crawford-Taylor. Currently a 3rd year at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse, I major in pure mathematics, computational physics, and have a computer science minor. With these degrees, I will go into theoretical astrophysics.

I am a techie artist with a passion for research. I blend aesthetics with science and mathematics.

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Who am I to you?

I am your go to if you need a freelancer -- a jack of all trades.

I have professional 3D animation, SEO copywriting (in German), CAD designing, programming tutorial, video game design, logo design, web development, presentation, public speaking, astrophysics research, machine learning, and statistical experience. I've even created drawing tutorials for preschoolers.

If I can do it, you will get a 100% satisfactory end product. Along the way I always provide as many revisions as desired until we hone in on the best angle.

If my motivation is the type of spirit you need to complete your next project, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

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I bet I can do it! I am a fast learner with a lot of energy. Let me complete your project for you and we will both be winners.